Instructor Andrea Todt

Thank you for watching my website. 

My Family: two beautiful daughters – eldest is a Speech and Language Pathologist living in Perth, Australia, youngest holds as manager position in Calgary, my husband works as a Web Developer and my lovely grandkids Liam,  Erin, Wyatt and Emily

My Business: Masters in Higher Education at age 24 (Music, History, Psychology, Art, Germany), Vice Principal of a Senior High School (Germany), Degree in Professional Photography (New York, U.S.A.), Art Classes Instructor, Entrepreneur (Professional Photography Studio, Ireland & Calgary), Conductor (Germany & Ireland)

My Countries of Residence: Germany, Republic of Ireland, Canada

My passion – Art: “Ideas for Art” – Mixed Media Projects & Workshops, Independent Instructor

My Inspirations: Interesting and charismatic people like Steve Jobs (Apple, RIP), John Riordan (Shopify Ireland), Gavin Hoey (photographer, UK), Geoff Kersey (watercolour expert, UK), Alison Fennell (watercolour, UK) and Stephen Conway (Oil, Rep. of Ireland)

My everyday passions – meeting interesting people, getting my hands dirty with all kind of media, playing with our dog, riding my motorbike, enjoying an extra hot Latte at Starbucks, playing piano and getting creative in my photography studio.

Andrea Todt (BEd, MEd, M.A.)

“Ideas for Art” Instructor

Sole Proprietorship with licence and insurance